Making some sense 

Evolutionary biology, theoretical ecology, mathematical and statistical modeling, Free software, computer graphics, Lisp, LaTeX, HTML5, antlions, grasshoppers and molluscan shells, bonsai, annual killifish and other aquarium fish – just few of the topics I got into during the years; some in a professional capacity, some as a hobby, some out of curiosity. Still in possession of a few brain cells, and having gained experience while running my course in industry and academia, I will occasionally try to put it all to good use, and hopefully produce some worthwhile content here.

The purpose of this website is to summarize this past stuff, show some current and future projects, and attempt to make some sense and present in a clear way what I think I have learned from my time spent on this spinning rock in a not too remarkable corner of the universe.

And now, as is customary, a few things about myself.

I am a scientist by personal tendencies, by training and by profession. I started in Physics and Mathematics, but eventually ended up in Biology, doing research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. (Image is public domain.)
skeletons of great apes - gibbon, human, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan
Sometimes I manage to take photos that I really like.
seabirds standing in formation one on each wooden   pole

Contact information 

You can contact me by email. You are also welcome to check my pages on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, or GitHub.


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